Flowers bloom constantly.

It is beautiful during spring and summer when flowers are always blooming, and we can go to the store to purchase a boquet to brighten up the house.

But what is one to do during the cold, dark, dreary months when the only life to be found is in one’s own visible breath in the cold winter air?

This project has sparked upon me to paint the boquets that stir my heart year round, as the flowers wither and fade, their image and interpreted colors last and remind us of what a beautiful moment had possessed us.



This is a beautiful boquet of yellow roses I had encountered on a walk to dinner with friends, in the quaint Hawthorn neighborhoood, here in Portland.

They remind me of a yellow rose bush I purchased for my mother for Mothers Day when I was in High School, and though my parents have sold my childhood home and the rose bush belongs to someone else, this mothers day painting is a constant reminder of the beauty art can carry on throughout the years.



This beautiful boquet was given to me by a customer at work, and sat on my bedside table throughout a weekend in the middle of July.

It smelled beautiful and I could not keep myself from taking pictures of it. I decided as it started to whither that I needed to paint it as a rememberance of the gift of beauty I recieved, and then I gifted the painting to my loyal customer who gave me the wonderful boquet.


While painting still life is challenging, it is constantly rewarding and a huge necessity in our lives.




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