Poetry Anthology Sneak Peek 1.

Poetry is a delicate medium to work. As I approach the ability to self-publish an anthology of my personal poetry, the question begs to be asked: What is so difficult and rewarding about words.

One aspect of poetry that seems to constantly peak my interests is word associations. I enjoy manipulating subject matter to confuse or estrange the reader from the original topics.

Here is a poem that will be published in my Anthology in 2016.


When your friend group isn’t a Forbes 500 company or a 501c3.
By Timothy Arliss O’Brien.

My friend just quit his job.
He also quit taking antidepressants a couple days before.
“We wish you well and hope the best for you.” I told him.

What if my group of friends had a Board of Directors,
And we had meetings, 
and subcommittees,

And the finance committee fought with the trustees committee.
Janet would get her feelings hurt and throw a lamp across the room.
Someone would declare
“Well that was alarming.”
And Janet would say,
“Time for me to fire up my resume!”
To which I should respond,
“Is that a declaration of your resignation?”
But all I choke out is,
“Ok. Sure. Bye. I’ll miss you. We will…” As I gesture to the others.

Friendships aren’t that diplomatic.
And a shitty resume with me as a reference won’t help Janet find new friends.


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