New Poetry Book – Summer2016!

Poetry is an artform; a moving living thing that shifts and shows a different perspective to us depending on where in our lives we are brooding.

This new poetry collection questions relationships, sociability, and general people dynamics.

moments cover

This collection of short, relationship based musings dig into feeling that surface during time spent with people and time take away from others.

I am very excited for this project and hope you enjoy this selection from this amazing collection.


by: Timothy Arliss O’Brien

We can totally sit in this dark bar all night, wearing our black leather jackets.
We could start our own gang.
“Don’t give me any sass!”
We will say, as people will shutter when we blow into the saloon.

Don’t second guess your loyalties, it could kill you. Or worse, us.

We formed the gang and rode off into the sunset.

Never looked back. And we raided every watering hole and tavern as far as our eyes could see!

Sometimes we had group hugs to strengthen bonds and character.


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