A theremin in a spaceship travels at the speed of sound. 

What a beautiful instrument to have the experience and opportunity to compose for and perform with.

In working with the theremin I have explored the haunting low range, the piercing high range and the myriad of techniques available to make the most of the feelings that needs to be portrayed. To be completely honest, this instrument is highly demanding and there is always a point where one notices the device take over and want to sing on its own.

In writing this imrovisation, I played with the ryukyu scale, a very oriental hexatonic scale, not only for more of an exotic vibe, but not to weigh down the song with such dark impending doom, that a minor key would possess. Not only did I want to introduce this instrument in the midst of such a familiar sound as the piano, I wanted to get to a point where I could show the overpowering voice the theremin can create. It made for such a lovely endeavor for the Theremin to rise above and shine alongside the piano, but then again to dive back down and be swept in with the rest of the piano tones.

I recorded this track with my Yamaha P-95 electronic piano, and my Moog theremini. I used Ableton Live to record, and mix the tracks in my own apartment studio.