My composition life started around the age of five, when having grown tired of my piano lessons, I started composing my own melodies and teaching myself how to notate them.

I continued to study music through middle school and high school with private trumpet and piano instruction. I also had a peer several years my senior provide me with private composition and theory lessons throughout high school. My favorite part of composition has always been to share, collaborate, and work on music together with other composers.

I have attended three universities and studied music, but alas did not complete a degree from any of them. I moved to Portland OR from Oklahoma to encounter a bigger more inclusive music scene and experience the west coast.

Many of my early compositions were for the instruments I play: piano, trumpet, organ, and voice. But in the more recent years, I have taken up working on operettas, a mass, a requiem, percussion duet, pieces for theremin, and larger scale symphonic works.

Below you will find my music, and ramblings on the thought processes behind my creative endeavors.

I hope you enjoy.